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How To Transport A Mattress Yourself

Taking the mattress to your destination is the most convenient and cost-effective option. It’s possible to annoy someone you care about by asking for assistance when they’re already swamped. Despite their usefulness, the services of moving firms are not inexpensive. This is why most individuals prefer to bring their mattresses when moving. Although some people may lack the physical ability to lift and transport a mattress, this is typically not a problem either. You can only pick up and move a mattress after determining how heavy it is and whether or not you can lift it. It’s not uncommon for mattresses to range in weight from 40 to 180 kg. It all comes down to the measurements and materials used to make your mattress. Moving a mattress on your own is not a good idea if you have mobility issues, a poor back, or severe joint pain. When moving a memory foam mattress, take your time if you’re doing it alone since it’s heavy.

Mattress Preparation

First, you should take off the bed’s linens and blankets. There shouldn’t be any problems so long as the mattress is brand new. Get a strong trash bag, vacuum-seal bag, or moving box and pack all your linens inside. Use a plastic mattress covering to keep the mattress clean after you’re done. This cover prevents dust mites, liquid damage, and stains on the mattress. To keep your belongings dry and safe if you travel in the rain, you should wrap them in plastic. Using a mattress bag once you’ve protected your bed with plastic wrap would be best.

Clearing Of The Way

You may begin arranging your vacation details after your mattress is packed and ready to travel. There should be no potential tripping hazards while relocating your mattress. The fastest route between points A and B should also be considered. Park the car or moving truck at a convenient location. To access the trunk or passenger door, the seats must be reclined. If you plan you’re itinerary and pack the car in advance, things will go more smoothly.

All Of The Effort

Lifting is a crucial part of the process, so keep that in mind. As light as mattresses seem, they pose a severe risk if lifted incorrectly. You’ll avoid back pain if you lift using your legs instead of your back. Those with knee or hip concerns might consider wearing a brace when moving a mattress to avoid additional harm. To transfer a mattress, one must go down on all fours and shins parallel to the floor. Try putting both hands down on your bed for support. To rise straight while still clinging to the bed, spread your legs as far as they can. You must get out from under the mattress immediately if the pain is unbearable.

To A Car Or A Room

A mattress and other bulky items should be kept from a vehicle trunk. It may seem less troublesome to relocate your mattress inside the same building rather than another one. Moving a mattress up or down many flights of stairs, however, might be challenging. Hiring assistance is recommended if moving your mattress involves driving. Those moving long distances by car may find it challenging to move mattresses. Heavy mattresses mean you’ll have to carry them a fair distance to the vehicle. Before attempting to transport a mattress in the trunk or on the top of your car, please take the time to get precise dimensions.